by: Nick Maresco

The House just recently passed one of two bills aimed to strengthen our National Background Check System, the second bill yet to be voted on looks to increase the wait time between purchasing and receiving a firearm. When the House Majority passed this bill with a modest lead of 240-190, they met it with great enthusiasm, which may prove soon to be short-lived. But we’ll get to that.

The Democrat-controlled House passed a bill today titled the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019,’ or simply, H.R.8.’ It’s purpose being to require a background check on all gun sales or transfers, public or private. Although Federal law already requires all licensed gun dealers to conduct background checks on people who are purchasing or transferring a gun, “H.R. 8 would require unlicensed gun sellers to utilize this same system by requiring them to sell or transfer firearms only through licensed dealers,” according to also states that there would be an exception for gifts to family members, hunting, target shooting, and self-defense.

The second bill proposed titled ‘Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019’ or H.R.1112, would extend the minimum Federal waiting period from three to ten days after purchasing a firearm.

The NRA has opposed it very strongly stating that these bills are seeking to destroy sales within the private gun industry which would lead to a National Registry of all guns and their owners in America. Many Republican lawmakers say that this is the next step in the governments (Democrats) plan to abolish the second amendment and reclaim the guns belonging to law-abiding citizens.

In addition to the NRA’s personal statements, they have also featured oppositions to the bill given by several Republican lawmakers including Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA), and Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Jordan stated, “Both [bills] come directly after your second amendment liberties.” Also stating that this a part of a pattern by the left.

Scalise stated that these bills will strongly infringe on law-abiding citizens rights to buy and share their own guns.

The second bill is believed to be voted on Thursday (2/28/19).

Why The Democrats Enthusiasm Might Be Short-Lived:

First off, for this bill to become a law, its next step is to go to the Senate. A Republican-controlled Senate, which is more than likely to extinguish this bill.

Even if this bill were to be passed by both the House and the Senate which we’ve already stated is very doubtful, the President will challenge it by immediately vetoing it. The White House has already proclaimed that the President will veto the bill if it reaches his desk.

The Democrats, however, are too quick to celebrate. The vast majority of gun owners in the U.S. strongly oppose these new bills and will join in opposition alongside the majority of Senate, and the Executive Branch.

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Photo:  (Andrew Howard | Cronkite News)