by: Nick Maresco

A new Fox News Poll conducted recently found that nearly half of all voters support the U.S in taking some sort of military action against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, in order to halt their expanding Nuclear Weapons Program.

The poll done by Fox News found that “Forty-nine percent favor military action to prevent North Korea from continuing to develop its nuclear weapons program (37 percent oppose).  That is down a touch from 53 percent in April 2017 — around the same time North Korea displayed new long-range missiles at a military parade and test-fired a ballistic missile ahead of a U.S.-China summit.”

The same poll found that around forty-six percent of voters supported how President Trump was handling the U.S’s relationship with North Korea. Improving slightly from forty-five percent in April of 2018. Forty-one percent of voters disapproved.

When it came down to the party members, only sixty-three percent of Republicans favored military action towards North Korea, compared to the seventy-three percent of Republican voters in April of 2017. Only thirty-six percent of Democrats and fifty percent of Independents support military action against North Korea.

It seems that due to the cooling tensions between the two nations occurring after Trump and Un’s first summit, fewer people find them as big of a threat as they were made out to be before the summit in June of 2018.

When the surveyors were questioned about what they thought posed the biggest threat to the U.S’s national security, a majority believed that foreign cyberattacks were most likely. Next being ISIS and North Korea.

“Overall, 52 percent see North Korea as a “major” threat to national security.

That puts it on the higher end of perceived threats.  By comparison, more voters consider foreign cyberattacks (72 percent) and ISIS (62 percent) as “major” threats, while far fewer say the same about the migrant caravan (35 percent) and instability in Venezuela (22 percent).”

The second summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un is scheduled to be on February 27-28 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Trump announced the impending summit at his 2019 State of the Union Adress. Although the polls seem to show a slight increase in the people’s trust with North Korea, tensions are bound to be tedious leading up to the national leader’s second assembly. At the summit, both leaders are expected to speak of ways in which the U.S can help North Korea disarm their nuclear arsenal while discontinuing their Nuclear Weapons Program.

North Korea and the U.S having both impulsive and divisive leaders, have been sending shock waves throughout the rest of the world as a once unthought of partnership, is now an imminent and flourishing coalition working towards securing a better future for both nations.

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