Photo: The Telegraph

by: Nick Maresco

Hoda Muthana is an American born woman who literally left America to join the “well thought out” people and ranks of ISIS in Syria. And now, she’s upset that Trump won’t let her back in.

Go figure.

Muthana not only went and joined the middle eastern Islamic State but encouraged attacks on allied forces and “the west.” Her lawyers stated that she now regrets joining ISIS and should be admitted reentry because she’s an “American Citizen.” According to the secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Muthana does not qualify for citizenship due to her father being a Yemeni diplomat at the time of birth, therefore Muthana has no legal basis to return to the US. 

President Trump said in a Twitter post that he had directed the secretary of state Mike Pompeo to, “not to allow Hoda Muthana back into the Country!” Following that tweet, Pompeo said she “is not a U.S. citizen and will not be admitted into the United States.”

The lawsuit filed by Muthana’s father argues that Muthana’s father had ceased being a diplomat and that she was indeed a citizen, therefore allowed to re-enter the United States.

Another added on issue is that Muthana has an 18-month-old son. Although her son was not born in the U.S, some argue that she should be re-admitted in order to better provide for her son, which is kind of ironic given that she left only to beg to come back.

Muthana stated that she was sorry and regretted her actions. A member of her legal team stated that she “is trying to turn herself into federal authorities and face consequences for her actions.”

Quick timeline:

1. Muthana wants to join the Islamic State so she goes to Turkey pretending she is there for a university event.
2. Muthana ends up being smuggled into Syria to live with ISIS.
3. Muthana encourages attacks on America and allied forces.
4. Muthana doesn’t like living with ISIS anymore and wants to come back.
5. Muthana’s father sues for her reentry.
6. Pompeo denied her re-entry out of false legal status.

Ya, that happened.

The kicker is, she believes she has as much right as anyone else to be admitted back into a country she left, just to urge attacks on. Ridiculous. 

Currently, Muthana is in a refugee camp with her 18 month-old son.

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