by: Nick Maresco

Honestly, why can’t Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other various House Democrats just give up battling the week’s old cold war of seeing who will cave in first and get their way on the border wall? Fact is, we need it. And the price proposed is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money the U.S spends on illegal immigration each year (an estimated 55+ billion).

STORY: On Thursday (1/17/19), 705 pounds of cocaine was confiscated alongside the Rio Grande river miles outside of Garciasville, Texas.

The smugglers attempting to move the narcotics were interrupted in their tracks by Customs and Border Patrol agents who had spotted them. According to Border Patrol agents who were at the scene, the smugglers were seen loading “bundles of narcotics” into an off-road/ATV like vehicle, when spotted. According to CBP agents, the smugglers were apparently aware of their presence and were able to “abruptly” drive their vehicle in the river and escape arrest. No further information was released by CBP on how many individuals there were.


Just for your knowledge, 705lbs of cocaine is worth an estimated 22.5 million U.S dollars.

And honestly, you could make several arguments opposing the wall, but the truth of the matter is that the only places you find these mass amounts of drugs being smuggled into the U.S. are in areas not protected by pre-existing border walls, and CBP outposts/agents. One of these areas greatly affected by mass drug trafficking is the Rio Grande Valley. The same stretch of land where the 700+lbs of cocaine was confiscated.

The Rio Grande Valley is an area of land located at the southernmost tip of South Texas. It stretches more than 4,800 square miles, and a great majority of it is completely defenseless against incoming migrants, especially drug traffickers. The lack of President Trump’s proposed Mexican-American Border Wall plan is what allows traffickers to frequently smuggle large amounts of illegal drugs coming into the U.S.

Although many illegal drugs in the U.S. are smuggled through the use of submarines, boats, and planes coming from Asia and Central America, the majority of all illegal marijuana and meth in the United States is smuggled from Mexico. Figures for both drugs estimated being over 90% percent, excluding an estimated 40% of all illegal cocaine in the U.S. Trump’s proposed Border Wall which would stretch from San Diego to the far eastern edge of the Rio Grande Valley would help prevent the mass influx of such drugs as Marijuana, Meth, and Cocaine.

photo credit: (AP Photo/Gregory Bull) & Yola