by: Nick Maresco


Why do we get the feeling this isn’t new?

Oh wait, it’s because it isn’t.

And, for quite some time now, it has become more and more apparent which side Pop-Culture and Hollywood take.

Recently, Taylor Swift endorsed a Democratic Senate candidate from the state of Tennessee named Phil Bredesen, and so naturally, Pop-Icons have flocked to her side. Most notable ones being Lena Dunham and Trevor Noah, both praising her for “speaking out”, “breaking her silence”, as well as causing a “massive surge in nationwide voter registration”, Noah said.

In addition to those comments, people have been fired up on Twitter simultaneously revering Swift, while attacking Kanye. Singer/Songwriter and Senior Editor at The Daily Beast, Andrew Kirell saying, “It’s 2018 and Taylor Swift is railing against systemic racism while Kanye West is running around calling slavery a choice. It’s oddly poetic?”


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And, ‘Lennis’ stating, “All that time I wasted dragging Taylor swift and listening to Kanye when he was the real trash all along.”


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NOTE: Kanye West apologized in late August for the comment he made over 5 months ago, so is it truly accurate to say that Kanye West is still running around calling slavery a choice? We don’t exactly think so.

While Taylor Swift receives admiration and laud, Kanye West faces anger, disappointment, and troublesome attacks for being on the other side of the political spectrum. Especially for passionately interacting with President Trump.

Across social media, we’ve seen all sorts of celebrity “Influencers” make comments of humor or disapproval towards West. Eric Andre saying on an Instagram post, “It’s stressful whenever Kanye runs out of lithium,” while displaying a video of West ranting towards a multitude of cameras and reporters in The Oval Office during his meeting with President Trump this Thursday (10/11/18).

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Through ‘Lennis’s’ statement on Twitter, I think it has become clear that the issue Pop-Culture and Pop-Icons have with Kanye is not that he’s bringing politics into a realm in which “it does not belong”, but because his views are different. The notion that Kanye should “keep politics out of it”, or that he should “stick to music” isn’t the factor causing people to become outraged with him, it is that he is collaborating with the “other side.” He voices himself publicly, passionately, and most importantly, against the main-stream, and this is what intensely maddens Hollywood and all left-leaning sympathizers that have immersed themselves in the influence of those Pop-Culture icons that have made such dastardly attacks against West.

What we don’t get is how people like Andrew Kirell and others would be able to make comments claiming Taylor Swift is a person fighting and “railing” against social justice issues, while Kanye stands idle. Kanye has taken advantage of almost any and every public/social platform to get his message out. This includes SNL, podcasts, news sources, Hurricane Katrina fundraisers, social media, and more. The entire time Kanye has been in the broad political spotlight, he has campaigned against single motherhood in black communities, jobs in the U.S., racism, prison reform, violence in Chicago, and more.

Like politics, Pop-Culture and Hollywood are two-sided. Particularly when it involves politics. When one side of the institution provides opinions and differentiating rhetoric, the other side snaps back and attacks it with whatever outrageous claims it manages to summon up, and *personally believe.*

When many claim that they want the “Old Kanye” back, they are conjuring up a time where he was silent, where he didn’t go against them, and so forth, they had nothing against him, except their preference in music.


(Photo Credit: Business Insider & CBS)