by: Nick Maresco


TREASON: Treachery at its highest of forms. Be that what you will call it, I subject it to nothing less than treason. Don’t misconstrue my words, I am not a minion of the presidency (or any presidency), nor am I a particular and definite supporter of Trump. But what I am, I share with many, and that is a concerned American, and not for the same reason that many share at all. I am concerned for another reason, and be that the undenying fact that an unsworn, unelected, group of anonymous individuals has vowed to overthrow a President whose oath has been taken, and acknowledged as full, true, and irrefutable.

Did the American people choose to swear this “inner resistance” into the White House?


We chose Donald Trump (with a little help from the electoral college).

Although through Trump’s choice in you, you have power, and through our choice in Trump, you have recognition as representatives in a share of that power, that recognition means nothing, due to the fact that you and your posse choose to be nameless. We could call you cowards, and that may be a correct title, but I think an even better analogy would be described as a band of erroneous puppet masters claiming to stand in the name of country and patriotism disposed to “thwarting parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.” However, I do believe the “Inner Resistance”, at heart, mean the best, I believe the outcome could potentially be catastrophic and do more damage, than Trump’s presidency ever could. A topic that often comes to mind when thinking of Trump is division. “He’s divided this country more than ever before,” and “he brings out true hate in people,” are some of the uncommon phrases many of us on both sides have heard before, however, what do you think this Op-Ed is meant to do? It very clearly draws the line between them, and him. Trump, and *eventually*, former colleagues.

They open-heartedly discuss their disapproval of him and his actions, and because of that, an even greater outpoor of division is created. Not only within the White House, but within the hearts of Americans (especially the ones who voted for him) that can’t help but somewhat feel betrayed. Especially by their own administration. NOW CLEARLY, they tell us not to worry, and that they are the ones who are, “adults in the room.” They exclaim, “Trump is the danger! We are here only to stop what will destroy this country, and that, the biddings of Trump!” But how and what are we to know, we have been led so far off track, we don’t even know if this is real. Is this even credible? You cannot tell us that you are preparing to hijack the White House, without us even knowing who you are. The only hint is: (Senior White House Official). Yep, doesn’t get us too far.


Earlier in this editorial, I stated how the American people voted for Trump, and not the members of the inner resistance. Which is true, but some might say, “If you vote for Trump, you vote for his administration, when you vote for him, you also choose his appointees as well.” Which I do agree with, the part I differ on is where such an inner resistance chooses to be nameless, and deny recognition, and for that, I deny recognition of their position and title. I no longer consider them to be working for me, or this country, I consider them against me. When claiming to stand for patriotism and a bold and fearless country, you cannot cower in fear of losing your job. When making such audacious comments, it’d be good for a change to experience resilience at least once.

To get back to the main point. This is TREASON. They are claiming to betray the President. Which they are. But they fail to mention that they are also betraying the American people.

Ultimately, in the end, he was the one voted in to call the shots. And at the end of the day, he will still be the one that is responsible for calling the shots. He is your President. You do not need to agree with him, you do not need to respect him, but you do need to know, that you are not acting on behalf of the country, not on behalf of the people, but on behalf of yourselves and your inclinations.

Such an act of treason cannot make me help but say Et Tu Brute? The Op-Ed be the dagger, and Trump, Brutus.

As for me, such an act of treason shall never prevail, and to quote John Harington, “Treason doth never prosper: what ’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”