by: Nick Maresco

Snoop Dogg recently appeared on an interview with SiriusXM where a series of might we say  “bold but definitely not new” comments were made.

Snoop Dogg was quoted saying that if you like Trump, “you motherf*ckin racist” and, “You and them. Kanye too, n*gga. Don’t forget about him, too, f*ck you, too.”

Snoop Dogg even claimed that racial division didn’t exist before Trump. Claiming that it all started with him. (Theoretically saying that Trump created racism.)

Stating, “He drew the lines. He drew the motherf*cking lines. Before him, there were no lines.”

Here at The Beat, we’re literally shaking our heads.

Below is a picture modified by the *OG* Rapper Snoop Dogg to make Kanye look white. This photo was posted 4 months ago on Snoop Dogg’s Instagram, and apparently, he’s trying to make seem as if all Trump supporters are white and racist.

Screenshot 2018-09-20 at 9.21.24 PM