The strong Republican grip on Texas hasn’t been shaken since 1994, and now, pushes for stricter gun laws threaten that grip. 1994 was when the last Democrat was voted into a statewide position, and so naturally, this would be a huge win for Democrats in America and the “Lone Star State.”

Further down in the article is a statement made by Bill Martin. A 72 year old cattle rancher and a stout Conservative. Who collectively owns more than 20 firearms. Martin has been a lifelong Republican and has always voted as such, but now after an interview on his ranch near Carrizo Springs, Martin feels as if voting Republican in this upcoming Senator election may not be the right thing to do.

Reasoning: The “Plague” of gun violence affecting his beloved country and state.

Part of Martin’s new views on stricter gun restrictions come after last years Sutherland Springs Church Shooting where 26 Churchgoers (and an unborn baby) died after a gunman entered the church and fired away with an AR-15. And ironically, ending with the armed gunman being stopped by Stephen Willeford. A former NRA firearms instructor who was also armed with an AR-15. After the gunman exited the church, he was greeted by return fire where he was severely injured and ended up crashing in a high-speed pursuit, when chased by Stephen Willeford and another man.

The shooting started and was stopped with an AR-15. The type of gun these tougher restrictions would focus very very heavily on.

Martin stated that he loves guns, but wants to see tougher restrictions on them.

And Martin isn’t alone, a recent poll found that 67% of Texans call for tougher restrictions on guns, in a state where more than half of the registered voting population is Republican.

And that is where Martin and many other gun loving Texans would bet their vote on Beto O’Rourke. A Pro- Gun Control Democrat and US Senate canidate running against Ted Cruz in November’s Texas Senate race.

And now, in over 23 years, the Republican grip is being threatened in a once unimaginable outcome, where Conservatives take the Democrats side on guns.

“Even as conservative as I am, there has to be a middle ground on guns.” — Bill Martin (Texas cattle rancher)